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C-Cube’s Instant Messaging solution offers you a plethora of features such as:

  • A Robust, Secure Instant Messaging Server with a web-based control panel for administration of users, rules, privileges and configurations
  • An user friendly Instant Messaging Client for each user
  • Have one-to-one chat and conference chat with authorized personnel
  • Use password protected messaging for secure communication
  • Send screen capture with comments or annotations for collaboration
  • Set Reminders for yourself and also for others for meetings, events, birthdays
  • Send messages or files to users even if they are offline
  • Make File Transfers, Send Voice Messages and Broadcast Group Messages

Server Features:

Web Admin Panel

C-Cube’s web based configurable control panel helps you to manage users, user contacts, organization details, department & designation of your organization. Besides, you can also manage your corporate advertisement banners and announcements that best suits your organization.

User Management

Admin can create company, department and users based on corporate structure. Users can be imported from CSV file and activation and deactivation of users also be done by the administrator.


Administrator can assign privileges for a particular user or a group to add contacts, capture screenshots and transfer files.

Chat Monitoring

You can restrict chat communication to ensure effective inter-office communication by filtering unwanted words and unwanted file transfers for which email alerts will be triggered to the authorized personnel.


All instant communications between users are logged into the centralized location for audit to ensure high security level

Corporate Logo and News Setting

Corporate logo can be set by the administrator and this will be shown in the user window. At any frequency corporate news can be set/changed and this would be displayed as a scrolling message in each C-Cube client.

Auto archiving and auto deletion of logs

Stored logs (Chat, File Transfer, Offline message and Alerts) can be archived and deleted automatically in the frequency set by the administrator.


Reports can be generated and exported to Excel form based on the criteria specified

  • Chat and Conference chat
  • File Transfer
  • Offline Message
  • Alerts

Client Features:


C-Cube allows one-to-one chat and conference chat involving a group of online users that helps in instant communication.

Screen Captures

C-Cube’s Screen Capture feature helps you to grab a particular portion of your screen and share it with others through your chat window. This also provides image editing facility to do further markings to increase the receiver's understandability.

File Transfer

With C-Cube’s File Transfer feature, you can transfer files with a single or multiple users in a fast, easy & secure way. In case, if any secured file or restricted file type is transferred over a network, the authorized personnel will receive an email alert instantaneously.

Voice Mail

C-Cube allows you to record voice messages and send the recorded voice to other online as well as offline users so that they can listen to it when they come online.

Password protected messaging

User can send password protected messages and files to other user. The recipient needs to provide their password in order to view the message / download the file.

Group Messaging

Send instant messages to a group of people at a time using C-Cube’s Group Messaging feature.

Offline Messaging

Send messages or files to offline users to view, reply or download when they come online. Users will get an email alert indicating the message / file arrival though they are offline.

Quick Reply

“Quick Reply” option is used to send an instant message using a predefined template.


“Buzz” option can be used to grab the user’s attention to a conversation, by shaking the conversation window.

User Status

Imagine you are online, chained to desk or off for an important meeting, you can set your status including Online, Busy, Away and Meeting or any custom status that let others know about your status.

Chat History

View date-wise chat history saved in the server using C-Cube’s Chat History feature. Besides, you can also save a particular chat history in your PC.


Set remainders like birthday alerts, meeting alerts, etc., on your own and also to other users currently in your contact list.

Preferences Settings

It helps you to set your personal settings like changing your password, profile picture, status, chat history settings, “show or hide offline users in your contact”, etc. Besides you can set the timeline for “busy” & “away” status that can be changed automatically. You can also change our own chat window settings including various time zones, alert and status message formats & rich text formatting like font type, size, face, etc.

Add & Delete Contact

It helps you to add or delete users from your contact list.