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C-Cube’s Instant Messaging solution has unique advantages such as:

  • C-Cube works within any network like LAN / WAN / Internet
  • User-friendly Interface & centralized Instant Messaging Server
  • Restricted communication within a specified corporate workplace to ensure productivity level remains unaffected
  • Sending instant & password protected messages, secured file transfers confidentially over a private network in a compressed format
  • No risk of sensitive messages read by unauthorized people
  • Alerts & logging features exclusively for audit purpose
  • Restrictions for users based on privileges to add contacts, capture screens & transfer files
  • Administrator based user management
  • Keyword based chat restrictions based on rules to ensure effective business communication


C-Cube Web Admin Panel Overview

  • Interactive Web Based Admin Panel with administrator login
  • User Management
  • Privilege Setting
  • Interface to approve contact requests
  • Interface to manage C-Cube server than using commands
  • Interactive panel to manage corporate advertisement banners & announcements
  • Interface to view chat history of all users
  • Easy logs management, Auto Archiving & Auto Deleting of chat histories
  • Rules for Chat Communication
  • Chat logs for audit, Reports for Management submission
  • Flag sensitive chat keywords blocking


C-Cube Client Overview

  • One-to-one chat
  • Conference chat
  • Screen capture
  • Quick Reply
  • Set Reminders
  • Chat History
  • File Transfer
  • Offline Messaging
  • Voice Messages
  • Group Messaging
  • Password Protected Messaging